Word of the Year – 2019


I debated different words for 2019, all a little less passive than my past ones.

Since 2011, my previous words have included ‘strength‘, ‘connect‘, ‘improve‘, ‘settle‘, ‘kindness‘, ‘create‘, and ‘trust.’

2018 was about finding roots, about trusting the world not to go to shit (that’s the technical term) and about keeping my head down. For 2018, I recovered and rested.

In 2019, I want to act… to move forward, to make progress. But I do not want to rush, to have my life blown up in spotlights or have the floor ripped out form under my just-now-righted ship. As I said in this post, I want to be careful with picking my word.

My current short-list looks a bit like this:

Flow. Ripples. Evolve. Brave. Alight/Ignite. Phoenix. Shine. Spirit. Rise.

Looking at those words, I can feel the pull towards evolve. I’ll talk about the actual word once it’s settled, but this did give me a guiding question to set some goals. I set them with ‘evolve in mind’ and then tweaked them once the true aim for 2019 settled in my mind.


The Choosing

I thought my word of the year was ‘evolve’ from early December, but something felt… not quite accurate about it. So I paused, and then I did what i do best, and began taking action. Because action leads to clarity.

I have done nothing but evolve for the past few years: my life as I knew it torn asunder and my current self is rebuilt from the ashes. I saw an idea of getting a ring or bracelet with the word of the year on it, and knew what I would do.

I learned to read and write a form of the Elder Futhark Runes when I was 13. I used to use it to write secret messages in my diary or notes to my now-husband in code.

15+ years on, I now own a ring of runes, which mark my goal of 2019, based partly on it’s full meaning, but also on the meaning of each individual symbol.

So my word for 2019 is Unfurl. 

And the symbolism of the ring’s symbols covers ‘untamed potential’, the fire of self-reliance, abundance, strength, hope, foundation, flow and balance.

Yes please to all of that in 2019.


WORK – Unfurling My Business, Day-job & Outcome-based Projects

Many people believe that a ‘healthy work life balance’ is a myth. I disagree, but that’s a post for another day. The evolution of my ‘work’ has shifted a ton since 2013 when I began seriously pursuing writing. And 2017, when I picked up coaching and mentorship again after 6 years away.

So for me, I’ve been evolving my brand in my own business, my writing has improved (acceptance rate has risen, always a good sign!) and I’m enjoying my day-job more in the last few weeks.

So unfurling in this sense is managing my energy, time and balancing those three types of ‘work’ between each other.

RELATIONSHIPS – Adapting to the Evolution of my Relationships

In 2018 I made a ‘basic’ friendship stronger, met some wonderful people are my new day-job, and attended more social events than the last 3 years combined. My main goal is to not ‘drop off’ from this increase. It doesn’t need to rise further, but keeping in contact with those key best friends and local connections is important to me this year.

HEALTH – Embracing Personal Change and the Unfolding of my Well-being

Really, this is a healthy eating and exercise challenge, alongside my “keep the last 6 months of mental health wins still winning.”

I’m not going to expect nay more of myself: what I’ve been doing is working and after years of depression I hadn’t fully recognised the depths of, I’m happy to sit and rest in the last few months.

FUN – Balancing Hobbies and Interests

I’m someone who is just now learning that not every moment HAS to be Productive. I CAN take some down-time. So this year, Netflix series, gaming and Youtube videos are on the cards.


The Specific Goals 

Health – Workout 3x week
Friends – Socialise 1x month
Relationships – Date 1x month
Creativity – Complete Novel (TFG) third draft
Career – Video 1x week
Wellbeing – Meditate 1x week
Learning – Read book 1x month


Have you got a word for the year planned? What goals are on your to-do list?

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