My Works in Progress


I write fantasy novels specialising in winged creatures (dragons, birds, butterflies) and myths. Here are a few of my current works-in-progress, and some information about the novels mentioned on the blog.


#8 – Kindling for the Fire [Drafting]

Genre: Standalone Urban Fantasy
Tags: Dragons, Elves, Gods, Mythology, Norse.
Story: She’s the only human in a realm of elves, but her inner dragons are calling… When a war of the Gods threatens her city, a changeling child must choose between the parent’s she’s never met and the woman who raised her.

Drafting, including edits to the 35k already there.


#12 – Skeletal [Drafting]

Genre: Standalone Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Tags: Aviculture, Necromancy, Post-apocalyptic, Palaeontology.
Story: When her community are forced to the surface; a necromancer must use her powers to save her best friend, before her mind unravels.

Drafting, while still plotting a few gaps.


#10 – The Felled Gods [Editing]

Genre: Young/New Adult Heroic Fantasy
Tags: Aviculture, Falconry, Religion.
Story: Before the spirit charmer can take her place in the clan, snowfall and storms mark the dying of her land. When her clan is attacked, the atheist charmer must choose between faking belief in a new religion or reviving belief in the gods of her people.

Second pass edits: draft three in progress.


#9 – Darkening Skies [Resting]

Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Tags: Falconry, Necromancy, Romance.
Story: The Planes Series follows the story of a princess who becomes a falconer in order to save her childhood city and bring the worlds of sorcery and necromancy into balance.

To find out a bit more about the process, check out the Work in Progress Journal.


#2 – Seven Sisters [On Hold]

Genre: Standalone New Adult Fantasy
Tags: Dragons, Greek, Mythology, Post-Apocalyptic.
Story: In Greek myth, the Pleiades were Artemis’ nymphs; seven sisters. When magic returns to the Earth, their fates are reborn in humans across Europe. As the women travel across a post-apocalyptic Britain, they seek out answers to their quest, and find a mythical island which crosses the boundaries between magic and mortality.

Click here to see some excerpts of this work.


My NaNoWriMo Projects:

I’m a fairly active member of the National Novel Writing Month forums all year round — my username is easdannsair. Here’s a brief list of the working titles of each story I worked on, and a note of which number novel it is from those I’ve started.

2009: Variations of Light, 50k (#1)
2010: Seven Sisters, 95k (#2)
2011: Firefly, 50k (#4)
2012: Planes Walker — Planes Shifter sequel, 80k (#6)
2013: Kindling, 35k (#8)
2015: Fury’s Seal, 50k (#11)
2016: Planes Daughter — Planes Walker sequel, 50k (#13)
2017: The Forest Temple, 50k (#14)
2018: Dooms Day, 50k (#15)
2019: Thrive, 50k (#16)
2020: Added 50k to Shadow Sight, 79k (#7)

Other Projects:

2010: Resilience, 25k (#3)
2012: Planes Shifter, 118k (#5)
2013: Shadow Sight, 28k (#7)
2014: Darkening Skies, 88k (#9)
2014: The Felled Gods, 53k (#10)
2016: Skeletal, 15k (#12)