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Language connects us.

We are defined by stories. Our brains are wired for connection and our belief in legends is innate. We seek to understand the world around us and to share that knowledge with one another. From travelling bardic tales to nursery rhymes, stories shape us.

Signed, verbal or unspoken – words can create and destroy. They have started wars, expressed love, changed beliefs and ended injustices.

I focus on the stories inside ourselves: The way we explain the world, the names we call ourselves and the tales we wish to give a voice to.

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Everyone has a story worth sharing.


I began as a tree.

I stood in the drama room, arms enthusiastically curled at sharp angles; swaying gently as branches. And I listened to the lilt of the actress wandering through our forest, reciting The Jabberwocky.

The words were nonsense, yet the sensation – the spirit of meaning was there.

That’s when I realised words matter – even when the sounds and letters made no sense. I’ve been carefully choosing my words since: mindful of the language I use and conscious of the stories I have to tell.

My Work

KRDeskCircleI write fantasy novels about the modern-day equivalents of prehistoric creatures. If it existed in the Jurassic period, then I’ve likely got an ancestor in my novels: lizards, birds and winged insects alike.

I have flown hawks and held a dragon, but have yet to grow my own wings. Aside from the practical research, my writing process involves a lot of herbal teas, list-making, singing, video games, and reading.

I spend a lot of time over at the NaNoWriMo forums, try to read a book a month, and write a mixture of novels, articles and journal posts. I generally attend a writing convention each year, and update this blog once a week.

My article on writing first drafts was featured in #64 of Focus, the BSFA magazine in July, and details of my published fiction can be found in the store.

I also empower people to unfold their own stories – facilitating mental health workshops, running a self-help business, and editing works-in-progress for novelists.

When I’m not painting pictures with words or working; I star-gaze, meditate, dance, handle hawks, and take photographs. I live with my two house-rabbits in the overcast lands of Hampshire, England.

My email address is: contact@krgreen.co.uk and I can be contacted on Twitter via @K_R_Green.

 Thank you for reading.
May your stories bring you joy.