Essence of Green:: January 2022

Welcome, 2022. January was both long and short. I’ve done less journaling, more novel-writing, more gaming and a lot more talking with friends. I grabbed a copy of Pokémon Legends: Arceus and am learning about all the Pokémon from Generation II+, which is… interesting. 

I have been in my current job for a year, and I still love it. There are stressors, yes, and some days I feel exhausted and emotionally drained. However, I feel I’m making a difference and I am well-supported. 

The cats have definitely noticed it is winter, cuddling up together and generally *tolerating* each other a lot more. 

February looks to be interesting, and I am hoping for it to be a little more restful now that my university deadline has passed. My car is in for it’s annual service, I’ve got some leave from work planned as I had to use up a certain number of days, and Spring is on its way.


Reflections on the Journey

i. Read 12 books: I’m still working my way through 4 books: I’m half-way through reading ‘Beyond the Stars and Shadows’ by Kristen Martin as well as my 3 longer-term nonfiction books mentioned in my last post.

ii. Be A Writer Again: I wrote words on The Felled Gods, some poetry, and some articles for Medium. My latest article is about the Best Advice I’ve Ignored.

iii. Track my wordcount:
I wrote 754 words of my current WIP (TFG) in January, and wrote 8,470 words counting all of my fiction and nonfiction writing (a lot of which was in my university portfolio). 

iv. Focus on Health:
I’m basically carrying this one over as I didn’t get where I’d hoped to in 2021. my ‘sub-goals’ for 2022 include intuitive eating, cutting down on sugar, regular movement, journalling, meditation, gaming and relaxing more, craft regularly, and decluttering my environment to reduce stress.

v. Connect with my Community
: I feel I did well on this one, and want to maintain it – monthly Medium posts, continuing my newsletter, and deep, honest social connections to refill my well.


How is the year treating you so far?


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