A Life Update :: When Writing Takes a Backseat

This is just a quick note to explain why I haven’t been a) writing much (hence the sidebar staying constant) and b) writing here about my writing process much.

  1. I have a new dayjob, so a lot of my energy has been working through the transitional fun of shifting all that around. From clearing the desk to clearing a caseload, all the way to preparing the new morning commute and so forth.
  2. I’ve been completing a 5-week business marketing course, which ends this weekend. Once of the questions when I began was “what do I need to stop doing, to give this my full attention?”

My answer was “pause everything else.”

So full time work + business work + eat/sleep/socialise, definitely became an interesting experiment. I socialised with my friend from my local NaNoWriMo meetups, and we just went shopping, both in the space of not currently writing.

My last day working for a mental health charity is less than two weeks away, and starting my new role under three weeks away!

I’m getting very excited for the opportunity, and will likely share a little more about the role and how I’m balancing things as that shifts. But right now, I’m letting myself focus on my business and keeping myself healthy as I transition from an office-telephone-desk job to an active-community-support type of role.

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to keep our writing in a good space, is to care for our own wellbeing, and take breaks.

In other news, I am reading during those little breaks while I wait for the dinner to cook or my bath to run: so I’m still making some progress on my goals even while the writing is on pause.

How are you balancing your life as Spring rolls its way around?

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