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September Update

hampshire 005September settled around us and now, October beckons. The month of movement has passed.

At the beginning of the year I set myself four goals: track my daily wordcount, write a minimum of once a week, “sort out” Resilience, and submit my manuscript to someone by July 1st.

So, how did I do?

i. The Daily Word Count

I completed a #writechain of 76 days, editing 55 words each day and then, when I began drafting The Felled Gods, writing at least 286 a day.

This month I wrote 15,194 words.

Kindling:      From 33,463      To    36,275

The Felled Gods:       From 0       To 11,470

Sekrit Project I:    From 4,094                To   4,520  [Submitted]

ii. Write Once a Week

While completing my 76 days of #WriteChain goal, I succeeded in this task.

iii. Work on Resilience

Resilience is now unlikely to be worked on this year.

iv. Work Towards Submission by July October May2015

Having completed 10k in 8 days, I’m currently set to be submitting something by next May.

v. Read 24 Books

Not strictly a writing goal, but with my annual attempt to rekindle my label of “avid-reader” I’m trying to set an achievable goal of one book a fortnight. Fingers crossed I can still catch up…

This Month’s Score:    3/2 

This Year’s Score:      15/18


In Other News

* I moved in with O.H. We made origami dinosaurs, so far have had pancakes every Saturday morning, gamed a lot and ordered furniture. We now has a sofa.

* And yes, since everyone’s asking, it’s going fine/well/it’s all gravy etc. 🙂

* I attended FantasyCon 14, taking part in the Geek version of Pointless and playing new card games for the first time (Be A Bard / Cards Against Humanity). I picked up a dance routine so fast I ended up with my own flashmob/group of people following my steps at the disco. Loved meeting so many new writers.

* I received a rejection for a competition entry, and officially submitted a short story to an anthology.

* I edited Kindling, re-working the plot as I went. Although the progress was small, it was good to return to the world and find it wasn’t as broken as I’d first thought.

* I began my new Mental Health job in earnest; training youth workers about educating young adults about their well-being. In fact the day this posts, I’m co-facilitating another session.

* I planned The Felled Gods – and then actually started it as a possible early NaNoWriMo project. So far, so good.

How was your September?

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