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Book Reviews of 2021 :: Part II

This is part two of my book reviews of 2021. Part I can be found here, and Part I of 2022 isn’t far away now.


October :: Plan a Profitable Book Launch – Mandi Lynn & Bethany Atazadeh 

5 Stars

I received a free eARC and am leaving an honest review. This is book 5 in the series, and I have only read book 4, so I’m aware that I’ve missed a few but can say I loved the 2 I have read.

The book covered a lot of different aspects of planning and things to consider with a launch. Following on from the book before, it expands on how to use in-person events and social media to focus on profit, some rough guides for a timeline, and suggests ways to fine tune what you’ll already be doing (especially if you’re implementing the techniques from the previous instalment.)

This book follows on especially well from the previous one, including some points I hadn’t considered when exploring how I might run my own book launch plan. As I am still in the editing process, planning a launch is still a way off for me, so I was not implementing the recommendations at this point. However I will be returning to this book when I reach that stage, especially for the checklists to ensure I don’t miss anything.


November :: A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps: The Classic Guide for All People in the Process of Recovery
by Patrick J. Carnes

4 Stars

As a psychologically-trained mental health practitioner who grew up with addict family members, and recently recognised signs in someone close to me, I read this book with a mixture of personal and professional curiosity. I was not previously aware of the 12 Steps in any detail and feel this was a good ‘overview’ for those who are interested. The workbook elements seem helpful, and there is a section specifically on ow to use the workbook to support groupwork.

I would comment that it is fairly God-heavy despite some sections suggesting that spirituality and religion both work, but this makes sense considering the programme’s foundations.


It turns out 2021 has not been a big one for reading or writing, but nonetheless, I’d recommend both of these!

What are you looking to read in 2022?

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