Essence of Green :: March

Eclipse2015March brought a few answers, and a few more questions. But the wheel turns and things are beginning to stabilise.

The photo? It’s of the eclipse at the peak time. Gotta love the British weather… 

Reflections on the Journey

The health issues mentioned in my last post are ongoing, although we did get a little news in both cases. I can’t actually do anything to help, which is frustrating, but things are at least moving forward and options are presenting themselves.

To be honest, I’ve spent a lot of this month moping. However, having said that, I did pick up a few projects this month: a new venture, a new short story, and a beta-read project.

i. Measuring my Words

This month I wrote 10,962 words, which is more than January and February combined, so I’m pretty happy with that, especially as I also beta-read a book in the month.

ii. Work Towards Submission by May 1st

In Progress. It’s looking less likely, because I’d rather be late on a deadline than submit something sub-par, but we’ll see.

iii. Read 24 Books 

3 / 6 completed. I barely read this month, but hope to catch up soon as I’m near the end of a few books.

iv. Two Completed Novel-length Stories (Four-Month Cycle)

Planes Shifter is currently going through edits. I don’t expect a new completed project until September.


Closing the Gate…

This Month:

* We did some official paperwork for our hand-fasting, and I made a ‘test’ cord, which we may use as the actual one, since it came out okay.

* My oldest (longest friendship, not age-wise!) friend installed Skype, and we’ve been catching up across the last week or so.

* A friend from University came down to see us for the day, and despite it being her first ever game of it, she won Settlers of Catan.

* I took off a few days from work to novel and use up my annual leave allowance.

* I did not get through to the next stage of the PhD applications, so submitted a slightly different application for study. I should find out in April how that goes.

* I attempted to see the eclipse, as pictured above.


The Opening Door…

Next Month:

* I’m going home for Easter.

* I’ll find out if I’ve reached the next stage in the new application.

* I’m aiming to get outside more if the weather brings Spring with it.

How was your month?

What wilderness are you wandering into next month?

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