Social Isolation and Exploring Priorities

green tea with fly in it

Went to take a sip of green tea… and a fly had beat me to it.

Hai. Long time no see.

Things have been so interesting, and mostly… slow.  I’m really trying to balance my priorities, and it’s definitely a harder set of decisions to make in the midst of all this worldwide anxiety.

This week I took 3 days of leave [trying to use it up before the end of the financial year when i lose unused days] and found myself pottering between projects and tasks.

I read [currently reading The Middle Finger Project, which I’m loving], re-taught myself two tunes on guitar, tidied the spare room [not fully, but a bit!], watched a lot of YouTube videos, napped on the sofa, looked at my current work-in-progress…

And yet, I feel ‘behind’ on a lot of my goals.


So. It’s mid-march. Let’s review.

i. Read 12 books: – I’ve read 3 books so far, and am over 80%. through my current read.

ii. Edit The Felled Gods: I’m making slow progress. A lot of it is re-reading and making notes than aren’t actual ‘wordcount’ words which makes this seem less productive than it actually is.

iii. Track my wordcount: Up to 561 new words for Jan + Feb: all on The Felled Gods.

iv. Wellbeing Comes First: Ha. This has definitely been improving, although I’ve also definitely been feeling more anxious thanks to the general world state. But I’m managing it.

v. Weekly Connection: I’ve got a call planned tomorrow with a friend, and have been writing more on Medium to keep myslef in that ‘writing and sharing my truth’ zone.

How are you managing with March? Are writing goals moving around on your priority list?

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