NaNoWriMo 2018 :: Preptober Priorities

So, it’s nearing the end of October and I have… for some reason, decided to try #NaNoWriMo again this year. I have a LOT going on, so even as I type this I’m starting to doubt if it was such a good idea or not… But here I am.

Most of the “Preptober” posts and videos I’m seeing are about planning for the month in terms of character sheets, plotting and chapter planning. For me though, it’s a bit different.

I am planning TIME for November.

Deadlines: I have a short story deadline due November 30th, so am trying to finish the current draft entirely by October 31st. Not only does this get my mind in the “write regularly” before NaNo, but will free up my “things to finish writing in November” space so that I only need to do an editing pass in the month of November. This will also be a great way to get a ‘break’ from the novel and the “just write, don’t edit” framework if I have this project to edit during the month.

Commitments: Secondly for the ‘time’ category, I’m planning out my weekends. From my previous experiences, I know that I’m usually on track for the first few days, so the first weekend will not be required as a “catch up” weekend, but I’ve already ‘blocked out’ the weekends of the 10-11th November and 24-25th November as “catch up” and “writing sprint” weekends. I will not be doing any social/family events during these two weekends.

Mental Space: I’m also looking at taking a day of Annual Leave in November that will allow me an extra day of ‘space’ -> either for writing or, if needed, just a day to catch up on housework and anything I might end up neglecting throughout the month.

How are you preparing for November?


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