Socialising as a Writer

Last night I had dinner and attended a comedy gig with my friend who runs the local NaNoWriMo write-ins. We met 2 years ago at an ice cream parlour during NaNo 2016, and have chatted on and off since.

We did many sprints with prompts across the past 2 Novembers, and this was our first ‘non-writing-social’ meet-up.

We both admitted to reading more than writing, although we did discuss our most recent works in progress. Mostly though, we chatted like normal human: talking about gaming, mental health, work-life balance and how interesting the ciders were in the restaurant.

One of things I love about writers, is on of the common threads is a similar level of understanding of imagination, personal space and the writing process. No matter how differently we tell stories, what languages we speak or what genre of tales we write, there is an underlying ‘weirdness’ that is not just accepted, but expected.

Sometimes, it’s important to be around other writers, even without any writing to complete.

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