NaNo17 :: Days 19 – 25

This is my eighth year taking part in National Novel Writing Month. If you missed the first eighteen days, Click Here for Part I, and Here for Part II.

This was week 3-to-4 of NaNoWriMo, and we have 5 days remaining.

Aim for Day 25: 41,666 
My Count on Day 25: 41,027
Currently Behind By: 639

Following my behind-schedule update last weekend, I’m catching up, and am on track to hit 43,333 on Sunday, as per the goal. Sometimes, it’s important to remember that baby steps add up.

Having reached 4,357 words behind on one occasion, it’s tempting to feel the pressure to sprint and pour any words onto the page to catch up.

However, with 2 weeks left at the time, I focused on aiming for 2,000 words a day instead of the 1,667. Through doing this, I’m pretty much back on track with a few days to go. I have only written a maximum of 2,321 in a single day, but those extra 500 words really do add up over a week; even if not done every single day.

One of the lessons of NaNoWriMo, at least for me, is that despite it being a ‘sprint’ instead of a marathon, making the baby steps happen anyway really does make a difference.

This week, I attended the final write-in for this year (unless my work shifts change short-notice), and had a lovely ‘adult’ dinner of maple syrup and ice cream with one of the Municipal Liaisons for my area.

When it comes to NaNo, health kind of goes out the window in favour of achievement and self-care.

Are you on track to complete any November projects?

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