Mental Space

I had planned to release a blog post on meditation for my writer’s well-being series, but with my laptop issues, university deadlines and some health stuff, I’d rather wait a week than post something that isn’t fit for purpose.

A Tiny Update

My laptop was returned this week: the CMOS battery had died. Thankfully, my files were all fine, which was a relief as I hadn’t backed my files up for almost three weeks.

I’m going directly into the deadline-stage of my degree, which will have some impact on my time and energy for writing.

However, routines are important. I’m writing at least one word of fiction a day. Today, I’ve also written 1,000 words of an essay, alongside 127 words of novel scene. I’m looking forward to August, when I’ll be able to fully re-focus on my novels.

One thing I have been trying out this week, is a meditation app which allows me to pick a time for the music, some guided meditations sessions and a variety of bell sounds. Having worked in a Buddhist Cafe in 2012 where we were encouraged to ring the bell, and to stop for 30-seconds each bell ring, no matter our role (customers soon learned the meaning), I love the sound of the Kangsê bowl. it puts my mind instantly back into that space where I pause and reflect in being in the moment.

At the moment, I’ve committed to using Insight Timer (free) for 60 seconds a day, with a starting bell, 30 second bell and ending bell. Apparently, this particular program is “a meditation app for people who don’t meditate” so it’s a great place to start.

In times of stress, that 1-2 minutes of mental space is a great first step for managing our emotions and getting some space from unhelpful thoughts.

How do you stay mindful during stressful or busy times?

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