Wordcount Goals :: Momentum

It’s been a long couple of months, with multiple projects requiring my time both inside and outside of day-job. My writing output has slowed considerably, although as I plan to complete 50,000 words in November for NaNoWriMo, I really only need to average 4,545 words each month around then.

As of last night, I have 21,554 new words written in fiction projects, which is not far off that target.

Keeping Momentum

I’ve tried a few things to keep me writing over the past couple of years, from setting daily minimums to allowing all writing to count, and even including editing ‘time’ as a sufficient count of my writing.

However, I’ve settled for a daily aim to write at least one word. I’m keeping up the momentum.

I missed a day in January, two days in February, and twice in May so far. I was frustrated to break the chain each time, but if I’m still adding words, moving the story along; then I’m happy.

In times of stifled creativity, emotional overuse, or just being too busy to really get the mind back into a story, getting the words on a page and moving through the plot points will, at worst, lead to an in-depth skeleton of a novel to be built on later.

How do you keep momentum in your writing projects?

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