Level-Up! Essence of Green :: January 2017

sunriserbblogjan“Winter fights valiantly to hold the land. The earth and the sky are grey, leaden, and heavy with the cold. But here and there, scattered like jewels in the sodden grass, the first slender tips of daffodils start up toward the growing Sun. Something in us stirs as well, as life pulses unseen beneath the still-slumbering ground.”

– Michelle Morgan


January has passed, and we come to the end of the beginning of the year. It’s been a long month, in terms of writing, of family, and of work. I had a few deadlines, got a bit stressed, and managed to meet all of them.


Reflections on the Journey

i. Read 12 books: 0 / 12 – I’m close to finishing The Vagrant. It’s definitely an interesting read; though a bit heavy considering how the news paints an apocalyptic vision of the real world right now.

ii. Edit second novel for submission: 0/1 – I completed and submitted a short story (8,100 words), and made some small progress to my standalone WIP Skeletal.

iii. Track my wordcount and aim for 100,000 words: 6,420/100,000 words – I’m a little behind schedule, as the monthly goal is an average of 8,333 words, but while a novel can flow for thousands of words across a few weeks, my style of short stories are a little more chop-and-change, and thus led to slower progress.

iv. Build upon my wellness routine: The goal for this month included exercising 3x a week, cutting back on sugary-snacks, and continuing the monthly adventures. This month, H and I saw the Assassin’s Creed movie, which was “pretty good, actually.”

For those interested: I have played AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations, AC3, Unity & Syndicate so I had a pretty good understanding going in. H has never played any of the games, although has always wanted to.  We both enjoyed the movie, and I’d sum it up as “Like the games, with more parkour.”

v. Take Photographs: This month has been a bit stressful on pretty much every front. The key impact was on my sleep, and thus I got a few photos of the sunrise. I also focused a little more on planning which photos to put online and made a list I need to grab from the camera. I did, however, begin a watercolour pencil painting which I’ll finish in February. So I’ve been creative, at least.

January’s Experience Collected

  • 100/200XP 
  • 175/350XP
  • 250/300XP
  • 400/400XP

Total XP for January:                     925/1,250

Total XP towards Level Up:        6,850/7,500


Jumping the Wall…

  • I visited a friend I lived with at University – we met half-way between our homes, in Salisbury.
  • H and I celebrated our first ‘New Year’ with the cats. They were delighted.
  • I worked on Skeletal and a short story across the month.
  • I submitted my short story for an anthology.
  • I got my Interim Report completed for Uni/Work. Officially 2/3rds of the way through my course.
  • I added more photos to my RedBubble account. Feel free to grab a print or poster here.

The Path Ahead…

  • H and I celebrate a year of marriage in February.
  • I’m working on another short story, and trying to flesh out the 12k of Skeletal I currently have before moving forward.
  • I have another Uni deadline to meet.
  • We’re going on a long weekend to make the most of an opportunity.

How was the first month of 2017 for you? 

What plans are arising for February?

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