The Power of Stories :: #BeABard

Earlier in the week, I was chatting to a friend and fellow writer about stories, and the importance and power contained within them.

We all tell ourselves stories, all the time. “I am kind, this isn’t fair, that’s not how the world works, this person has cut me up in traffic.” These are all things which give us our sense of… ‘sense’ in the world. Stories are how we explain our experiences, and our perspective. We learn from them and we feed off their energy. Be it a TV show or a book, a movie or a game; stories entice us to understand how the world works.

Mhairi and I met at a convention in 2013, but in 2014, I had a chance to see her story-telling game, Be A Bard. The aim is to collaboratively create and share a story with other players.

In February, Mhairi Simpson will be kicking off the Be A Bard Kickstarter [link to follow].

What You Need To Know:

  • Fantastic fun
  • Simple to learn
  • Great for children and adults
  • Encourages your brain to make connections – problem-solving and creativity
  • 120 cards
  • From 2-13 (or maybe more) players
  • Hilarious alongside alcohol (may contain more plot-holes)

Rather than waffle on about it for the next month, why don’t we play a game?

There are three options: add to Mhairi’s story, add to mine, or give both a go!

  • Head over to Mhairi’s post and add to her story: (head to her page to see the unicorn)

“One day a unicorn with excellent hair and a splendidly curvaceous horn discovered a volcano had erupted in his back garden. Being an optimistic sort, he decided to take this opportunity to practice some bitchin’ dance moves and started jumping and spinning across the lawn, taking care not to get his pretty hooves in the lava.”

How would you add to this? Leave her a comment!

  • Add to my own story down in the comments:


“The rider shook his head, trying to scratch the bridge of his nose against his helmet. His steed turned to meet his gaze, as though tutting at the moment. The cluck was gentle, quiet in the midst of the forest clearing. Turning towards the castle, the battle chicken and her rider edged their way down the slope, and waited in the bushes for the signal.”

This Is Your Hand – Pick a card to play in response ::

You can either add to my story, or add to another commenter’s to keep the story growing!


Pick A Card: What happens next? Answer in the comments below!

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