My Word for 2017 :: Create

rbthumbnailjan17I’ve mentioned before that I don’t set resolutions, but I do set goals, and a ‘theme’. Having a single point to focus on can be a great reminder of those goals, and act as a guide when making decisions.

In previous years, I’ve used ‘strength‘ (2011), ‘connect‘ (2012), ‘improve‘ (2013), ‘settle‘ (2014), and ‘kindness‘ (2015). In 2016, I skipped picking one; instead focusing on goals which I then struggled to meet.

So for 2017, I’m back to picking a guide for the year’s decisions. The word isn’t an extra goal or a resolution as such, it’s more a way to summarise and remind myself of all of my goals in one word or phrase.


This year, my word is simply: “create.”

My goals haven’t really changed in the past 6 years: I have house decorating and de-cluttering to do, I have stories to write and edit, I want to be physically and mentally healthy, and I want to have fun. I have goals: to write, to maintain wellness routines, and to take photographs.

In short, I’m creating space, creating words, and on top of my 4-times-a-year urge to draw, I received some beautiful watercolour pencils for Yule. So, I’m expecting to have a dabble in drawing again. I had a go with the pencils last week, but even my husband burst out laughing at my attempt, so hopefully with a bit of practise I’ll be back to my previous skill level!

In short, I spent last year sitting back and watching the world. This year, I’m ready to move forward and create.

Have you set a word for 2017? How does it fit in with your goals?

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