NaNo16 :: Week 3 Update

At the end of day 18, nearly 3 weeks in, I am on track.

I got behind for a bit, and then I was sick. Cue 112 words written in 11 hours… But I caught up when the panic of being behind set in, and I’m on track to win.


For some people, winning doesn’t matter, and others point out that 50,000 words is not a truly full novel for the age-range I write. Across the past couple of years, people have told me not to be hard on myself, and not set up expectations too high. Apparently people think that with NaNoWriMo in particular, the pressure I give myself sets me up to fail.

But I know myself. I have learned across 7 attempts that NaNoWriMo is not the best way for me to write an amazing book. However, for the motivation, the sense of community and for the feeling of having accomplished something and having control when the world is upside-down… It’s exactly what I need to give me that sense of normalcy and stability amidst the stress of adulting. This is my annual reminder that “I can do anything I set my mind to” and particularly for 2016, the “I CAN make this year positive in some way.”

Personally, for NaNo2016, I care less about the quality of this book and more about meeting the number challenge – getting back to daily writing and building habits to edge towards my annual writing goal.


The Stats

Aim for Day 18: 30,000 
My Count on Day 18: 30,451
Currently Ahead: 451



How are your daily challenges going for November?

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