NaNoWriMo 2016: It Begins

National Novel Writing Month begins this week.

I’m being a slight rebel this year, allowing myself to work on three projects, although if I get 50k out of the ‘new’ project, then that’s brilliant:

  • PlanesDaughter: A brand new story will begin on day 1 — the final book in the Planes trilogy.
  • Resilience: A book I began in 2010, but only reached 17,000 words in. I would like to add words to this manuscript.
  • Short Story: I need to finish the final draft by January, so if I get inspiration/time, I’d like to finish it during November.


  • I have a rough outline for the two novels. Neither are ‘complete’ at this stage, but the vague direction of travel is useful for my writing. The short story is more organic, as I’ve already “used up” the outline I had written: I’m now writing the spaces in between.
  • I participated in the #storycrafter discussion on Twitter, which focused on outlining methods, and have a few more ‘buddies’ on the website to keep track of. If you want to add me, you can find my profile here.
  • I’ve been trying to get ahead in my studies so that I can focus on novel-writing outside of work; minimising my university assignment-writing where possible.
  • I’ve got a blank Scrivener file ready to add in character and setting details, as well as keep edits of my outline sheet in order.
  • I have made my spreadsheet and word-count calendar. The calendar is based on this format.
  • As next weekend’s blog-post will focus on the XP of October, I’ll insert a little section about how the first couple of NaNo days go.

What are your goals for November?

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