Level-Up! Essence of Green :: September


“Mist blankets the morning garden and the empty fields; a last rose blooms slowly over the arbor by the backyard gate.  Paintbox leaves fall to the ground under galoshes and the wheels of slicker-yellow school buses.  Sweaters come out of cedar chests, soup pots simmer, and wild geese make their mercurial journey southward across the pale autumn sky.”

:: Michelle Morgan ::

Autumn arrived. Frost on the car, cloudless skies, green leaves beginning to fade… September brought that back-to-school-feeling, and the recognition I am not as fit as I wish I were.

Reflections on the Journey

i. Read 12 books: 10 / 9 – I didn’t complete any books this month, but I’m still on track for now.

ii. Edit novel draft ready for submission: 1/1 submission – I submitted Darkening Skies to four agents. I’m working on a short story and editing TFG ready for the next phase.

iii. Track my wordcount and aim for 100,000 words: 22,171/75,000 words – I began working on a short story this month, but I’ve returned to edits which haven’t required major re-writes at this stage.

iv. Re-create a wellness routine: Progress is still being made. My new work role will require some changes, but small steps are the most likely to last.

I’ve got a fairly solid workout schedule in place, and we’ve tried a new recipe and a new food item a month. This month I made turkey spinach lasagna roll ups, and we bought a Mooli (radish).

Experience Collected

  • 200/200XP 
  • 350/350XP
  • 150/300XP
  • 400/400XP

Total XP for September:                  1,100/1,250

Total XP towards Level Up:        1,325/7,500


Jumping the Wall…

  • I returned to University.
  • I have a new job role, new supervisor and new team. I even moved office floors.
  • We re-seeded the garden. By the end of the month some shoots were 4-5 inches tall.
  • My laptop arrived home from repair. It doesn’t seem as sensitive to my keyboard presses as before, but it works.
  • The cats turned two yesterday, so we got them a replacement for the flying frenzy and bought them some fancier food.

blogdslr-september-061The Path Ahead…

  • I’m beginning to think about NaNoWriMo and how University studies + dayjob will impact my ability to write a novel this year.
  • I’m hoping to get through this round of edits by the end of October, but I’ll be balancing Uni/work so I’m not setting up too many expectations.
  • I’m hoping to walk on University days, unless it’s too cold.

Did September surprise you?

What plans do you have for the winding path of October?

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