Writing Progress Without Writing

Study 001This year has not been a great one for that ‘sense of progress’ which writers tend to focus on.

In previous years I’ve written a steady 10k per month, including new pieces typed up and edited completed drafts.

This year, I’ve noticed a much slower sense of progress.

For the past three weeks, my laptop has been away for repairs, and now it’s back, I’m starting a new day-job and returning to University. Thinking about my goals for the year, I’ve had to get a bit creative about ensuring my writing isn’t left to gather dust.

Luckily, not all writing goals require writing.

Next week marks one-year since we moved into this house.

The main ‘writing goal’ I had during August was to clear all the boxes from the study/spare room! Having cleared one room so our rescue cats had a small hub to feel safe in back in February, all boxes came into this room, and I couldn’t even open the door fully!

However, progress has been made.study-003

It’s not yet perfect, but my husband and I spent a couple of days sorting through boxes, building furniture, lifting bookcases up two flights of stairs and now I even have a bit of space on some shelves due to the charity shop box we filled with books.

Next step is to clear the desk area, move my computer chair up the stairs & find a room layout to attempt fitting the second white bookcase in, without blocking anything important.


If you can’t write or edit, what kind of goals do you use to keep yourself for stagnating?

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