Level-Up! Essence of Green :: May

IMG_20160527_1319111_rewindMay was the first month in what feels like the last 24 that some major obstacle didn’t appear.

We made progress with the garden, had a wellbeing-adventure, saw family & began letting the cats outside!


Reflections on the Journey

i. Read 12 books: 8 / 5 – I completed 250 Things You Should Know About Writing by Chuck Wendig, and I’m done with the read-through to apply beta-reader feedback to the second draft of DS. Then I whizzed through Dianne Sylvan’s 5th Shadow World book in two days. Huzzah!

ii. Edit novel draft ready for submission: 0/1 submission – In May, I wrote a couple of cover letters and worked on the synopsis for my first agent-specific novel submission. I completed two beta-read edit phases, and I’ve now got two projects in mind for submission this year; and little steps feel safe but like good progress.

iii. Track my wordcount and aim for 100,000 words: 14,517/41,666 words – I wrote 4016 words this month.

I’m really tempted to try JuNoWriMo with Skeletal, but I don’t really have enough planned, and I keep itching to go back and work on some of my unfinished and needs-editing drafts. We’ll see how it goes, I guess. I may use the momentum-support if Camp NaNo but not officially holding myself to that schedule.

iv. Re-create a wellness routine: It’s been a good month for maintaining positive habits. I got myself a vertical mouse and ate fairly well overall. Exercise is the next step.

IMG_20160527_1321015_rewindOur mini-adventure this month was tweaked due to a meeting my husband could not get out of, but we worked with it. I attended and got to find out more about his next placement, we gardened and had slightly-fancy dinner. We’d hoped to play Laser Quest, but had a backup plan of Pool as both were available in the same place. In the end, we played “Deadstorm Pirates,” gaining the 12th highest score in the arcade.

  • Result: Things are looking good, plans are coming together and our next step is get out on our bikes.

Experience Collected

  • 200/200XP 
  • 350/350XP
  • 200/300XP
  • 400/400XP

Total XP for May:                         1,150/1,250
Total XP towards Level Up:        4,625/7,500

Jumping the Wall…

  • We planted our apple tree, created a vegetable patch and generally planted a bunch of beautiful flowers and herbs around the garden.
  • I took all the nerd-luck of May 4th to apply for the thingy-bob at day-job. The next steps are in the last week of June, so finger’s crossed it all goes smoothly.
  • I had a Skype date playing LittleBigPlanet with a university friend.
  • I completed a proof-read of Darkening Skies and gave TFG to a beta-reader.
  • We planted more trees, some beans we’d grown from pots and some herbs. We finished creating borders in our garden and got a lawnmower.
  • We began the process of letting our cats go outside; which was anxiogenic for me; having had indoor cats all my life! But they did very well; and are now pretty much in and out as they please.
  • We visited my parents and grand-parents: my granddad had a laugh despite his Alzheimers.
  • I finished reading 3 books after about 4 years of reader’s block!
  • The Husband and I had a nerdy date.

The Path Ahead…

  • Next month’s mini-adventure is:
    • To be decided! Thinking about cycling, swimming or getting to a zoo before the School Holidays begin.
  • I’m hoping to finish the initial plotting and world-building of Skeletal.
  • I may expand on one of my half-finished drafts, as inspiration has been hinting around it.
  • I should finish another book in June to keep on top of my reading goal for this year and keep the momentum going.

How winding was your path through May?

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