Reflections On Reading

FLAGEmber1I’ve been writing novels since November 2009. And everywhere you look, as a writer, the advice is to read.

In June 2009, I realised that I often didn’t remember which books I’d read. As an ‘avid reader’, I began my reading list. In 2010, I read half the number of books of 2009, and in 2011, half of that again.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been getting 15-30% through a book, and not finishing it. When that happens once or twice, that’s okay. Not every book is for everyone. When that happens consistently over three years, with around 50 different books, and even books I’m 75% through sit unfinished, then it’s worth investigating.


At the moment, I’ve just finished reading an autobiographical-style book on happiness, and am 80% through a book on writing. It’s pretty common for me to stop reading fiction while editing novels, as I tend to be impressionable when it seems my current book isn’t working (plot-holes and the usual shitty first draft despair) but equally, I’m much more able to focus on having just 5 minute reading stints when the books don’t require me to be drawn into a fictional world.

However, I have some fiction books I know will be completed reads in the next couple of months – Dianne Sylvan‘s got a new Shadow World book out, AND I realised I entirely missed part 5 of her Agency series! These books tend to be quite emotional, (darn you Sylvan!), but they are books I will 100% complete, in a short space of time.

I was also kindly gifted a signed Brandon Sanderson novella at my hand-fasting which I managed to read this month, and I’m still working my way through the third Mistborn book, Hero of Ages.

So I have some good books to read next; hopefully enough to help me get back into reading more regularly. Although I may wait until my alpha-read of TFG is over, just in case.

How do you manage reading slumps?

Do you find yourself having ‘seasons’ for reading?


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