Reclaiming Space: A Cat Update

KRGcirclecatsWhen we adopted Smoke & Ember six weeks ago, I lost my writing room.

The spare room became a cats-only space, and its former items got stored in our study; two rooms smushed into one, smaller space, including items we want to put in the loft.

This weekend, we’re re-claiming that room. The cats are fairly settled, and the loft finally has floorboards.
Yesterday we Spring-Cleaned and today we’re seeing family, but writing shall soon resume.

I’ve spent much of the time in the living room reading blogs, planning the next story and watching television. Some readers may have noticed the slight tweak in my banner; where Willow (my parent’s cat, since I left home and lost guardianship) has been replaced by a picture of our little ones resting together.

Do you like to write in one place? How do you handle a change in your writing space?

3 responses to “Reclaiming Space: A Cat Update

  1. I have two writing spaces: a desk in the bedroom and a cheap ikea lack table that goes by the couch when I need a change. The ikea has been winning out lately (mostly because it means kitties by my feet while I write).

    • We have a cheap IKEA lack but it’s just the wrong height for my legs/arms/back/chair! Any tips for making the cats sit still instead of stepping on the laptop/mouse? 😛

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