Making Progress

Yesterday, I wrote over 500 words.

Birthday24 258 As someone who averaged writing 342 words a day for two years, perhaps that doesn’t seem surprising, but it’s the highest daily word-count I’ve had since January 10th, which was itself the highest since November 28th.


I finally felt like I wanted to spend time on my novels again, and that’s something I’ve been missing since NaNoWriMo. I’ve opened the files and tweaked the odd few words here and there, but the spark just hasn’t been present.

Last night I added 200 words to my new story, and having realised one of the key issues with my main character in TFG, spent some time laying the groundwork for a development near the beginning of the book.

One of the most exciting-to-me points of TFG is that the birds have their own cultural meanings and roles within the world. I loved researching for it, and having done a read through of the first act of the story, I realised I hadn’t really introduced that culture.

Thus, I’m spending this weekend refreshing my memory on the ideas and bringing a tertiary / background character more into the foreground.

How do you break out from a rut?

Does forcing yourself to write help, or does permission to take a break let your joy return?

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