Level-Up! Experience of Green :: February

Katy & Phil 1st Feb Lismoyne Lilybean Photography 08In January, I was completely engulfed in work changes and hand-fasting planning. February was the month of relief, but also the time for exhaustion and forced rest.

We attended our wedding (this was a good idea, it turns out), and then spent a week in Iceland seeking the Northern Lights. The rest of the month was pretty much spent catching back up with the real world, cleaning the house, replacing my car, and welcoming a couple of rescue cats.


Reflections on the Journey

i. Read 12 books: 2 / 2 – I read two books in January, so had a little lee-way for this month. I’m close to the end of two more, so I feel on track.

ii. Edit novel draft ready for submission: 0/1 submission – At the beginning of this month, I started a new story, and began a solid attempt at reading through TFG and making notes of things which need fixing. I didn’t make as much progress as I’d have hoped, but I did prepare some of this.

iii. Track my wordcount and aim for 100,000 words: 6,367/16,668 words –  I’m essentially alpha-reading TFG, which means I’m not actually making changes unless something is so unclear it doesn’t make sense. Thus, I’ve only written 721 words this month, and that’s okay. Each story needs time for edits.

iv. Re-create a wellness routine: We spent a week in the outdoors; getting plenty of fresh air and exploring new places with my loved one. I did struggle with my first week back at work, so plugged into some mental health techniques for that week, and feel content with that. We also caught up with family and friends during the wedding, and have seen both sets of parents following our trip. It’s good to feel connected.

  • This month; my workplace focused on employees looking at their wellness routines, so I made a little sensory kit as instructed, and tried to drink more water.
    • Result: I only really formed this routine near the end of the month, but it’s going well. I’ve definitely been more aware of my stress, and what I can do about it.

Experience Collected

  • 200/200XP 
  • 175/350XP
  • 100/300XP
  • 150/400XP

Total XP for Febuary:                    625/1,250
Total XP towards Level Up:        1,675/7,500

Jumping the Wall…

  • I got married. Hand-fasting ceremony included. It was lovely to see our closest friends and family, and we really enjoyed the day.
  • Having had this image of our hand-fasting cord on a mantelpiece, we returned from our honeymoon to the realisation we don’t have a mantelpiece… We have a bookcase that would work instead.
  • We went to Iceland and saw the Northern Lights.
  • We adopted two cats: Smoke and Ember.
  • We looked at furniture to be accrued once the cats are settled. (My study is packed full of the spare room stuff as the cats are currently living in it, and are still being transitioned to the rest of the house.)
  • My day-job underwent some role changes, and I returned to meet the four new members of staff in my team.
  • I received a short story royalty payment; reminding me to get back to writing.
  • I finally got a new car; following a few ‘recommendations’ last October which would cost too much to realistically keep it going. It’s smaller, just as fast and has 4 doors instead of 2. Technically I’m picking it up in March, but the deposit’s down and I’ll own it by the time this post publishes…

The Path Ahead…

  • The past year has been stressful – I want to spend some time thinking more about my well-being.
  • We may acquire some more furniture; a dining table would be useful for family visits.
  • I want to have plenty of time for resting! Therefore, we’ve not planned much.
  • My parents are visiting with a bookcase, my bike and to meet the cats!
  • I need to make some progress on my novels this month; either finish reading TFG and begin actual edits or get into the draft of the new story.
  • We’re hoping the cats will relax; feeling more comfortable with us and guests.

How was your month?

What doors will March hold open?


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