Settling Down: A Growing Family

Seven weeks into 2016; routine is returning.

In the last 12 months, my family and I have experienced so many changes. Health (physical and mental) issues, a job change for H, a job change for me, moving house, buying a house, moving into the bought house, and getting married.

I work in the mental health field, and most treatments begin with a reflection on what has brought the patient to us, and often our reply mentions that “life stressors have a massive impact on our mental health.” We then helpfully list off some of the ‘major life changes’ which are shown to be a struggle for many people.

That list has made me smile with the irony of how most of those events sum up my last 12 months. I’ve not been writing and editing as much as I’d have liked, but to be honest with you, I’m happy with how things are going. I did complete two manuscripts last year, and I’m reading through TFG ready for beta-reader feedback.

Smoke & Ember

At 4pm last Sunday, we picked up two new additions: 18-month-old cats, ready to offer them a stable and loving home. Our family of two, only officially married for two weeks, has just increased by 100%.
The cats lived with their mum and another cat, but the mother was to be re-homed alone. They had only been at the rescue centre two days before we brought them home, and thus they’re a little shaken up.

We were informed that they are cuddly, like being picked up and close to each other. They seemed to tolerate us for the hour we spent in their pen, and we decided we could be patient.

After all, it’s tricky to lose the only house you’ve ever known, human owners, mum and friend; then be prodded with needles for vaccinations and microchips; then put in a weird pen with a stranger for 2 days; and then separated from that stranger and pen to a weird room with two new people. So they’re still a little timid.


Smoke is the grey & white boy; who yowled, clawed at the sides and gave himself a nosebleed in the 15-minute car journey from the foster home to ours. It turns out, he does not like his carry case.

He’s a fainting goat. Instead of freezing or running at a loud noise, he flops over. When he head-butts my hand for strokes and I first respond, he flops down on my lap.  He’s a ‘flopper’, for lack of a better word. I have a feeling he may turn out to be a lap-cat… He also loves catnip, is confused by bubbles, and enjoys the feather wand.

EmberDay6EyesEmber is the tortoiseshell girl; a docile cat we’ve yet to hear meow. She tends to freeze when startled, but lets you stroke her back to a calm state. She jumps up on her back paws, with her front ones curled like a meerkat when you stroke her head in just the right spot. She spends most of her time in a tunnel or behind boxes, but can be approached and stroked happily while in them.


After 5 days in our home, both cats come out without prompting when we enter, both can be picked up for a short time and they’re finally both eating.

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