NW15: The F Word in Fantasy

IMG_20150808_202937I’ll be honest. I (and my group of fellow con-goers) went to this panel for one main reason: Snorri Kristjansson. He’s known for his knowledge, his books and his humour.

This was clearly not to be missed; so we didn’t.

Panellists: Anne Perry, Lizzie Barrett, Sarah Lotz, Jared Shurin, Laurell K Hamilton, Snorri Kristjansson, Den Patrick


My Notes

– For immersive scenes, don’t use pain metaphors or medical terms.

– Scenes must be earned, or there for a reason integral to the story.

– Share the emotions of the characters.

– Use all the senses, leaving enough for the reader to co-create the scene.

– Avoid the phrase “3/4s of a plus sign.”

– Unless your characters are lithe 20-year-olds, make sure your scene’s are realistic relative to their flexibility.

– Show the aftermath if it furthers the story or character development; else, skip it.


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