Level-Up! Experience of Green :: January


January has been stressful, but the embers sparking that stress are coming to a close.

My mother’s treatment is finally nearing its end. A few weeks to wait before they can scan and test how effective the last year has been.

The hand-fasting is closing in, and work has had it’s re-shuffle. I’m hoping that by March, this year-long experience will settle and I can just take stock. Maybe I’ll even finish unpacking those boxes in the spare room.

Reflections on the Journey

i. Read 12 books: 2 /1 – I finished a book I began reading for work last year, which allowed me some breathing space to return to my own to-read list. At the top of it was Catching Fire: since I read The Hunger Games in Feb 2014 but worried the sequel would make me crying mess like the first one did! It was a good read, and I finished it in a couple of evenings.

ii. Edit novel draft ready for submission: 0/1 submission – The story is still in edits, but I made progress on the first two passes and emailed my alpha/beta readers. I also short-listed five agents I’d like to submit to; researching their lists and social media, while thinking about what I value in business relationships. If I’m going to submit, I may as well face the fear and go all out 🙂

iii. Track my wordcount and aim for 100,000 words: 5,655/8,334 words –  I’ve been editing The Felled Gods for now, focusing on getting it ready for beta-readers. Considering how this month was, I’m happy with that wordcount.

iv. Re-create a wellness routine: I’m not quite sure how to measure this, and even now I’m wondering if I’m asking too much of myself. I’d planned to have a 1/2/3 scoring system in terms of learning, exercise and meditation, but some things feel more important than others.

  • For this month, I’ve focused on rebuilding my Shivanata practise. This is a yoga-style movement which incorporates some mindfulness aspects, thus ticks off both exercise and meditation aspects.
  • Result: I did some form of well-being practise once a week; half the times I’d aimed to.

Experience Collected

  • 200/200XP 
  • 350/350XP
  • 300/300XP
  • 200/400XP

Total XP for January:       1050/1,250

Total XP to Level Up:        1050/7,500

Jumping the Wall…

  • So little happened but my head was so full.
  • My mum finished the fortnightly treatment sessions she’s had for the last 7 months.
  • My day-job had a restructure, which essentially meant my job role changed.
  • Handfasting plans got stressful as the months are counting down to weeks.
  • We prepared to go on holiday; which I had NO IDEA would require so much thought and planning. Last time I flew: 1999 perhaps? Sorted paperwork, currencies and roaming charges.
  • We began seriously preparing for cats – looking at toys/equipment and keeping an eye on the adoption pages of our local shelters.
  • Visited family: seeing both sets of parents for some lovely evenings.

The Path Ahead…

  • We’ll be going on holiday to Iceland: complete with thermal underwear & hiking boots. HOPING for coloured skies, marine life & a brewery visit. If not, at least a nice swim and some good food.
  • More hand-fasting stuff as it creeps closer!
  • Cats? Fingers crossed we’ll be welcoming two new members of our family around the end of February.
  • General household stuff: we still don’t have a dining table/chairs or curtains in every room, so that should really be looked at!
  • More family visits: we’ll be seeing extended family, including our young cousins.
  • More editing of TFG, hopefully including alpha/beta reader feedback.

How was the first month of 2016?

What will February hold for you?

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