NW15: Death in Genre

IMG_20150808_151858It’s a blurry picture, but the only one I have, so enjoy!

We attended this one mostly because a friend said they’d be in the crowd, but like so many of the topics, it was very interesting.

Death was discussed as a concept in fiction; its personifications and the role of killing of characters.

Panellists: Liz de Jager, Richard Ford, Paul Cornell, Sarah Lotz, Joe Abercrombie, Jenni Hill


My Notes

– The grim reaper is a character on cartoon network: death can be gentle and kind.

– Some authors, such as George R R Martin seem to kill of characters when they begin to become fantasy archetypes.

– The ‘disney death’ tends to mean someone isn’t dead; but this can be seen as a bit cheap – it’s not always good to have second chances.

– Sometimes characters die ‘off screen.’

– Kill an animal to upset readers.

– Think about a character’s last words or if they don’t get the chance.

– Death shouldn’t be what the character deserves; give what they don’t deserve.

– Often a female character is killed to fuel a male one, or vice versa.


How much thought do you put into a character’s death?

Does this change with main versus secondary characters? 

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