NW15: Demons & Possession

nineworlds 015Following lunch, I sat in on a panel I knew nothing about, and only wrote a couple of notes on.

Panellists: Connor Warden, Kevin McCluskey


My Notes

– The aim of possession is to break the subjects faith. It requires agency to be overridden (voluntary or not).

– Often possessed person is not the main aim, but rather a method of reaching true target.

– This may involve hurting the possessed person to get target’s attention or using possessed to harm true target.

– Early links were made between demons and witchcraft following the belief that all magic comes from demons (witches channelling rather than possessing own power). This meant witches were choosing to interact with demons in many beliefs.

– The number of “Possession Cases” have dropped since mental illness is recognised.


Have you used possession in your stories?

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