At Journey’s End :: My 2015 Writing Journey

If I were a top trumps card, or for those in America, a baseball card, this is how my stats would look for 2015:

2015 in Statistics:

Words Written:                                  104,912

Pieces of WIP:                                   8 Stories

Days written:                                     145/365

Average Words Per Writing Day:      723.5 (on the days I wrote anything)

Finishing Average:                             7 / 11 WIP have completed drafts = 0.55

The Year Overview



I worked on quite a few projects this year, and one of my short stories has been accepted for publication in an anthology in 2016:

Planes Shifter [Editing], Coyote Short [Fin], Winter Short [Fin], Resilience [Drafting], Kindling [Drafting], The Felled Gods [Fin], Fury’s Seal [Fin], Crisis Short [Drafting].

General Lessons

This year, my life was pretty hectic. When people think about stressful life events, moving home, family illness, buying a house, planning a wedding, and changing jobs are all up there. I had ALL of those happen this year, and that had three long-term effects: Less writing, less reading, and less self-care.

In short, I feel like I’ve been running on empty for 75% of this year.

However, the year was still productive:

  • I have learned that I can take time off from my writing, and the words will return to my fingers when I come back.
  • Having a loose but firm goal works for me.
  • Mixing up short stories, drafting novels, planning and editing is good for my creativity.
  • When I eat healthily and exercise and take time for my mind to breathe; my writing is better.

And I learned that The Felled Gods – a novel I spent months planning and world-building last year, is the most solid first draft in terms of plot, characters and structure I’ve ever written. Planning, although frustrating at times and time-consuming, clearly paid off in that instance.

This year I also passed 666,666 words of fiction, just counting one draft of each novel. Adding that to my short stories, and knowing I wrote thousands of words in earlier drafts of the completed stories, I have written many more, but since I only track one novel-length fiction draft per story, the number made me smile.

In 2016, I’m aiming to submit a novel to agents, and to write 100,000 more words of fiction; including editing and short stories.

What did you learn about writing in 2015?

Which accomplishments are you most proud of?

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