Book Reviews of 2015 :: Part 2

IMG_20140905_150914As January rolls in, it’s time to finish up my book reviews for the year.

I had planned to post every 8 books, and aimed for 24 this year.

For once, this isn’t a post I didn’t get to because of time to write it, but rather I’ve only read 14 books this year; and had already reviewed the first 8. But, time is up, so here it is.

As usual, my reviews are minus beta-reads, which I’ve mentioned to keep the numbers happy, but will not be reviewing until published.


September :: IAPT: Reach Out (3rd Edition)  – David Richards & Mark Whyte

4 Stars

This book was part of my induction process for my new job in July, and although it wasn’t a long read, I was taking notes throughout and took time to read it during my workday/lunch breaks thus didn’t get through it as quickly as a novel. It was very useful for my role and not a bad study manual but, it didn’t really warrant a traditional review.


September :: Simplify – Joshua Becker

4 Stars

Simplify was a short book, just a good reminder of why I originally began de-cluttering. I genuinely believe that I have too much stuff, and that very little of it is useful or brings me joy, so having a short set of essays reminding me not to mindlessly consume is useful.


December :: The Importance of Being Oscar – Yvonne Skargon 

I found this book of quotes in a closing-down book store for 25 pence.  In essence, it is a book of quotes for Oscar Wilde’s work, complete with an pictures of Oscar the cat.


December :: If It Fits, I Sits: Cats In Awkward Places – Various (Orion Books)

4 Stars

I received an advance copy of this thanks to a photo of my two cats in a box.

Overall, it’s a funny and cute book, great to leave on the coffee table for a general flip through or conversation starter.


December :: How it Works: The Husband – Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris

2 Stars

A humorous present, which provided some laughs but was mostly concerning as older relatives thought it a serious manual. The grammar could also have been improved.


December :: How it Works: The Wife – Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris

2 Stars

The matching humorous present given to my Other Half. Concerning.


What books have you been enjoying this year?

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