2015 :: The Year of Big Scary Changes

“I gave you my music, made your song take wing.”

Yule2015 042January – February

January opened with some low mood from my day-job changes, and complications to my mother’s planned surgery. They thought they’d found something else. February brought the news of my mother’s one-in-five-hundred-thousand medical condition, and a treatment plan after an agonising wait. We began to book things solidly for our hand-fasting in 2016, and I threw myself into wedding planning instead of novels.

March – April

In March, I began job-hunting again, aware we would likely be moving away in the Summer. Unlike last year, where each interview was useful but did not result in a job, this year I had one interview in April, and was offered the job. Panic followed as we did not have written confirmation of where OH’s work would move us to, but I decided to accept the offer anyway.

May – June

In May, my mother had ten hours of surgery in one of the only two hospitals in the UK who deal with her condition. Two days later, I visited her in Intensive Care – needing to convince myself she really was alright. One thing ICU did was prove just now not alright she was. I don’t think it matters how old or experienced you are, seeing my mum like that was seriously hard. But she was alive, and after a few weeks in hospital, she returned home with re-inflated lungs and a year-long treatment plan, because she’s amazing.

To every NHS worker, I thank you. You work long hours with other people’s lives upon your shoulders. She survived and she recovered faster than expected because of your diligence.

Between her awesomeness and NHS staff’s amazing care, she’s doing okay. 

This was also the month my car died. Added “new heart for car” to my to-do list. Each month brought a new set of handfasting to-do items to tick off. We found out where we’d be moving to. We began house-hunting in earnest. OH had exams. I visited my mum every week. I was tying up my old dayjob in order to start the new one. It was exhausting.

July – August

In July, I started the new job. My mum was home and well. We looked at houses and planned which breeds of cat we might adopt. August was a month of packing, signing paperwork and long commutes. I attended NineWorlds Geekfest with the lovely Daphne, and stopped in to celebrate my mum’s birthday on the drive home.

September – October

In September, the changes finally came about. O.H. began his new job in the new location, we bought the house, moved in to a colleague’s house as our tenancy in the flat was up, then camped in our new house for a week before we could move the furniture in.

My mother’s drugs had to be changed due to side effects, and being the turn of the academic year, my job switched around; with the transition of nearly 30 staff. In a project of about 50 people, that’s a lot of change to cover. In the middle of October, I managed to complete the first draft of TFG, and signed up for NaNoWriMo for my fifth attempt.

November – December

November was entirely consumed by dayjob and NaNoWriMo, which I won with a finished draft of Fury’s Seal.

December was mostly memorable as every day, one or both of my socks would fall down. It was time to wash up, find my hat and gloves, and do some much needed cleaning. I returned to TFG for a light first edit.

Much like last year, we spent time with family, and withdrew to the warmth of blankets and hot water bottles as the year faded away.

This Year’s TA-DA List – I:

– Celebrated 8 years with O.H, and 2 years of being engaged.
– Had a short story published in one anthology, and another one accepted for publication in a second (coming 2016).
– Completed two new novel-length stories: The Felled Gods and Fury’s Seal.
– Attended NineWorlds Convention in London.
– Bought a house with OH.
– Moved house with OH.
– Started a new job (and left the old one).
– Ended the year with over 100,000 new words of fiction under my belt.

Publications This Year:

  • K. R. Green (Feb 2015) “The Night of Awen.” Twice Upon A Time Anthology: Fairytale, Folklore & Myth, The Bearded Scribe Press. p204 – p215.
  • K. R. Green. (July 2015) “Getting Through the First Draft”. FOCUS magazine. British Science Fiction Association. Summer, 64, p14-p15.


Happy New Year: May 2016 bring you joy.

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