NW15: Myths for a Modern Audience

nineworlds 013After the character panel, we headed down to this panel on modern-day myths, with our friend Snorri as a panellist.

Panellists: Peter Newman, Emma Newman, Joanne Harris, Tom Pollock, Snorri Kristjansson, Anna Caltabiano

My Notes

– Fairytales are the way we articulate shared human experience.

– Using an existing fairytale basis/character in your story allows the worldbuilding/character quirks to be already established, however this can lead to an unclear story due to biases.

– If we don’t move these stories around; pass them on or they will die.

– “A society makes the myths it needs to quote.”

– Humans share emotional responses to places/experiences: I ❤ New York t-shirts.

– Myths teach us not to do stupid things. They share what the human race has learned so far.

– Authors don’t have moral authority, but can be aware of the morality they are bringing through myth.

– A reader is a co-creator, decoding the pages and filling in blanks.


Have you ever taken aspects from myths in your stories?

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