NW15: Architecture of a Great Character

nineworlds 010My first panel of the convention; covering character-building. I attend a character panel each year, and every time I learn something new.

My Notes

– It can be useful for a character to be completed screwed (wrong person/place and time) and to be aware throughout the story of how screwed they are.

– A sense of morality; even if it’s skewed from the ‘norm’ will save a ‘messed up’ character.

– Characters relationships with each other tell you more about themselves than the plot.

– Characters experiencing mundane conflicts can tell us a lot about the world: shoelace breaks, where can I get a replacement in this town?

– The reader really creates the story – leave gaps for them to fill in.

– We all have multiple motivations & reactions; and these are similar for each person to similar situations.

– Leave a few small unresolved issue, particularly in minor character’s stories for realism.


What are your best tips for creating realistic characters?

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