Essence of Green :: October & November

DSC_2386Apparently things got so hectic I forgot to post a monthly update last time!

Things got rather busy. Let’s just summarise by saying it is National Novel Writing Month, we got in one last gardening session before the frost, we’re pet-sitting some friend’s rats (adorable!) and I spent a week feeling like my head would explode. Yay for sinusitis and having to actually take time off work for once.

Reflections on the Journey

i. Measuring my Words

In October I wrote 8,198 words, and in November, attempting NaNoWriMo, managed to write 48,092.

I completed the first draft of TFG in October, and now have finished the first draft of Fury’s Seal. I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo yet only have 48k because I began on October 31st, writing 1,939 that first day.

ii. Work Towards Submission by …

I actually completed two stories across these two months, which is amazing. We’re on track. It didn’t quite work out exactly how I’d planned it to, but progress is being made and I have at least one novel I’m planning to submit fairly soon (relatively speaking; in the next year or two.)

iii. Read 24 Books 

10 / 22 completed. In hindsight, I’ve struggled so much with my writing this year, I never felt I could justify reading when any free time should be spent on my own works.

iv. Two Completed Novel-length Stories (Four-Month Cycle)

I have the notes from Planes Shifter back from my beta reader, but have yet to look at them.

I completed The Felled Gods first draft, and will be looking at that very soon for the first pass of edits.

Fury’s Seal changed a lot throughout the month, so I’m not sure quite how viable it is, but if nothing else, it actually gave me some inspiration to return to one of my previous NaNo attempts.


Closing the Gate…

The Past Two Months:

* We continued to clean, unpack and tidy our house. So close. This week we even unpacked the television so we could play on the playstation.

* We got some furniture.

* O.Hs brother and sister-in-law visited and we began rat-sitting for them while they are away.

* Completed TFG First Draft, and Fury’s Seal First Draft.

* We saw my parents and OH’s parents, separately.

* We dug up the borders in our garden ready for springtime planting.


The Opening Door…

Next Month:

* Begin read-through and edit pass of TFG, draft 1.

* Yuletide. Christmas. Reflections of 2015.

* Hand-fasting planning continues.

* Survive the busiest time of year at day-job.

* Wish for more sleep constantly.

How was your month?

Did anyone else complete NaNoWriMo?

2 responses to “Essence of Green :: October & November

  1. Congrats on all the words! And good luck with the busy times. I managed to squeeze in just enough words to finish NaNo, after not participating for the last two years 🙂

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