NaNo 2015: Half-Way Update


As is often the case, November remains busy. We’re currently pet-sitting some friend’s rats, who provide a nice break in between writing sprints.

It’s November 17th. I started NaNoWriMo on October 31st, so I’m on day 18 of the 30-day challenge. And I’m behind.

As of last night, I had 24,373 words of my 50,000. That means that I began today 5,627 words behind.

As is often the case with my writing, I’m in a slump. Around 20-30k into a story marks the time I run out of steam. I’ve usually written out the most exciting chapters, and the characters are kind of waiting around for more ‘middle’ to come up before I can write the resolution.

In my early NaNo years, I’d write whatever just to reach the word count. These days though, I know that if I mess up my outline too much by throwing in random twists, the whole book shifts and I no longer want to write it. Most of my NaNo stories I will never return to, while this story I want to be able to edit and read again.

However, I’m on track to meet my annual goal, and I’m so close to the 30k goal which was my “if I fail, let me at least reach that” mark.

Also, being NaNoWriMo time of year, many writers have been blogging with hints and tips, and there was a new book bundle of resources. I’ve been trying out a few new plotting ideas to help me structure the middle of the story, and we’ll see how that works out at the end of the tale.

Do you have any tips for getting through the ‘middle slump’ of a story?


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