Essence of Green :: September

IMG_20150920_152457We’re nearing the end of the year, and it feels like months have just skimmed by.

We moved house, dropped under 4 months until our wedding date, and my OH began his new job.

Buying a house did not warn us of all the things we would need to do, such as clearing up the mess left behind by previous owners, re-cleaning the place from top to bottom, the possibility of fleas, lack of internet access, a broken outside bin, and general lack of furniture. Then my job required us all to produce almost double our usual work as we were under review, and my OH started his new job.

Reflections on the Journey

i. Measuring my Words

In September, I only wrote 1,260 words. This was by far my least productive month, but I am very close to the end of the draft, and have next weekend free to hopefully complete it.

ii. Work Towards Submission by …

I’m behind, by only by a few thousand words; which should be fixable. Hopefully, I can submit that one around the end of the year.

iii. Read 24 Books 

10 / 18 completed. I’m very behind on this goal, but completed one book for work and read a short one about de-cluttering to help motivate me to pack. I have been reading a little more since we moved, which is helping to bring me closer to the ends of a couple of books.

iv. Two Completed Novel-length Stories (Four-Month Cycle)

Planes Shifter is still with a beta reader. I’m still working on The Felled Gods draft for now. I am behind on TFG, but only by a little.


Closing the Gate…

This Month:

* We moved into a colleague’s living room when our tenancy ran out.

* We moved into our house a few days later.

* We attended a friend’s wedding.

* I met OHs new colleagues at a social.

* OH introduced me to IKEA.

* We bought a house, fridge freezer, washing machine and some gardening tools.

* We cleaned and tidied and unpacked many things.

* We saw my parents and OHs parents, and OHs brother and sister-in-law helped us move.

* O.H. began his new job.


The Opening Door…

Next Month:

* Continue drafting The Felled Gods.

* Finish buying necessities for the house.

* Meet a local Druid group.

* Finish TFG’s first draft.

How was your month?

What wilderness are you wandering into next month?

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