The Essence of Green :: August

DSCN2316August moved swiftly. Deadlines approached and passed. I spent a few days up at Nine Worlds Geekfest, and celebrated my birthday in an aquarium. September is in swing and life has moved into hectic mode…

This post is delayed because we’re moving house twice in the next week. Once our internet is set up, normal service shall resume, beginning with some Nine Worlds Panel summaries. Thanks for your patience.


Reflections on the Journey

i. Measuring my Words

In August I wrote 7,358 words. I completed edits on a short story, and have been drafting the end of TFG.

ii. Work Towards Submission by …

I’m aiming to have a completed story by September, as per goal iv. Hopefully, I can submit that one around the end of the year. I’m a little behind on finishing TFG, but not by much.

iii. Read 24 Books 

8 / 16 completed. I’m very behind on this goal. Once we move, I’m hoping the extra 2 hours a day saved from commuting will offer me more opportunity for reading.

iv. Two Completed Novel-length Stories (Four-Month Cycle)

Planes Shifter is still with a beta reader. I’m still working on The Felled Gods draft for now.


Closing the Gate…

This Month:

* We played tennis.

* I attended Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015.

* I turned a year older. We visited an aquarium and I finally saw all 3 Jurassic Park movies.

* We continued the process to buy a house.

* We saw my parents and OHs parents.

* I completed a short story.


The Opening Door…

Next Month:

* Continue drafting The Felled Gods.

* Moving House.

* O.H. begins his new job.

How was your month?

What wilderness are you wandering into next month?

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