Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015

This weekend I was back at a convention, collecting books and taking notes. It was Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015, where cosplay is the norm and attendees are encouraged to wear badges to help with communication. This year, my usual writer-in-crime, Sorcha, was unable to make it, so I shared a room with the wonderful Daphne; a friend met at WFC13.

nineworlds 002Day Zero: Thursday

Thursday night, I arrived at the hotel, where I met Daphne and Cindy. The tube strike had made a fun journey from Belgium, and we collected our registration and swag before finding a pub for dinner. Then we returned to our hotel for a pyjama party to highlight the panels we’d like to attend and plan meal breaks together.


Day One: Friday

Friday morning, Daphne and I awoke at 6:30. We had breakfast at the hotel, where I discovered a machine which made mini pancakes on a conveyer belt.

My first panel was about the ‘architecture of a great character‘, followed by the ‘myths for a modern audience.’ We had lunch at McDonalds, and then I sat in a panel about ‘demons and possession‘, mostly because there was nothing else of interest to me. We spent a while in a quiet room, waiting for the mass signing to begin. It turned out this was on the website under the wrong day, and when we realised it wasn’t happening, we ordered pizza to our hotel room. We also ran into Snorri and after two years, I finally remembered to ask him to sign my (copy of his) book!

nineworlds 017

After pizza, we headed to the Jo Fletcher Books Summer Party. Due to some room booking issues, the room for the party was busy until 8pm, despite the fact they needed to set up for an 8pm opening. Thus, Daphne, Cindy and I, knowing a couple of JF employees, volunteered to help set up so we could be ready by 8:15pm.


This was the best part of the day, I had chats with Sebastian De Castell about my constant re-writing of my plot, caught up with Snorri Kristjansson and met his agent, was introduced to Tom Fletcher, and finally bought Tom Pollock‘s book and chatted about his worldbuilding workshop at last year’s FantasyCon. Some fantastic and useful conversations; thank you to everyone I spoke with.

After the party, most of us headed down to the bar. We played a game called Skull, which I was chuffed to win the first game of. Having drunk a considerable amount of wine, and a whisky thanks to a friend, I went back to the hotel to begin my hangover.

nineworlds 006

Day Two: Saturday — Cosplay

Saturday was a long day, beginning at midnight before we came home, and lasting far too long considering I was worse for wear. I don’t drink heavily very often, and it showed.

We awoke early to begin our costuming, having slipped downstairs for breakfast. I’d brought a bunch of gothy, gamer and steampunk clothes and props… and we figured out a costume that wasn’t too uncomfortable and could be done with what we had.


The first panel of the day was titled ‘manipulative bastards and believable clerics.’ For my current work in progress, this was the most useful panel I attended. Lunch was at a hotel bar with Andy, a friend from Jo Fletcher Books. A couple of us stuck to soup, and the Daphne and I returned to the room. She changed out of her costume while I made tea. We then headed to McDonalds for ice cream. Daphne and I spent the rest of the afternoon together – attending the ‘death in genre‘ panel, having dinner at the Three Magpies pub and then attending the ‘death of 1,000 cuts live‘ workshop with Tim Clare . The day ended with the wonderfully funny ‘F-word in fantasy‘ talk and then we hung out in the bar chatting to some Tom Pollock, Lizzie Barrett and Snorri. We were formally introduced to Jo Fletcher and Ian Drury, and chatted briefly about attending the Jo Fletcher party at WFC13.

Day Three: Sunday

Once more, we woke early, and hung around in our room reading, chatting and getting ready until breakfast, then headed over to the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club, where a few authors read excerpts of their books to us and we had cupcakes.

We had to leave this reading early as we were travelling back home at midday, and wanted to sneak a view at the Market. I had enough tokens from generous friends who were leaving to collect a little cosplay badge, which although didn’t feel truly deserved, gave me a little boost and made me feel I might try making a costume again next time 🙂

nineworlds 005

67 Hours
8 panels
2 publisher parties
2 signed books
11 books
5 new authors met
many friends caught up with

Thanks to everyone who made it fantastic. You know who you are!

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