Weekend WIP #12


It turns out I scheduled posts for every week except this one. Oops. As things are still up in the air, here’s a brief weekend works-in-progress update.


1) I submitted a short story to an anthology last week.

2) A magazine article I wrote has been accepted.

3) My mum’s health stuff is ongoing; they’ve offered her more treatment, but it’s not as simple as we’d like.

4) My day-job team held a mini-party for my leaving, including my favourite type of cake. Om nom nom.

5) Next week I’ve booked appointments with the dentist, to give blood and catch-up lunch with an old University friend. I’ll try to fit in a game or two of tennis.

6) So far today I’ve written over 700 words of TFG — the most novel written in one day since mid-May. Feels good to be making progress again.

7) Tomorrow we’re seeing my parents & in-laws. And thus also my parent’s cats, of course.

8) I made trifle, despite not having any sponge fingers. It turned out fine. Pro tip – bread works. 


How has your week been going?


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