At Journey’s End: The Final Quarter and 2014 Writing Summary

See the updates on the firstsecond and third quarters for previous data.

The Final Quarter in Statistics:

Words Written:                        30,900

Overall Words Written:        150,263

Pieces of WIP:                           FP Narrative, Short 2, Resilience, Kindling, TFG.

Days written:                             58/92

Days I Wrote the Most:          Mondays


The Year Overall


Projects worked on:

I had a goal to work on a novel outside of Planes Shifter. It turns out I worked on a lot of projects in 2014:

Planes Shifter. Short Story 1. Narrative Short. Novella. Competition Entry. Short Story 2. Resilience. Kindling. The Felled Gods.


Pretty Graphs


First Quarter:   27,859 / 37,500 words


Second Quarter:   67,849 / 37,500 words


Third Quarter:   23,503 / 37,500 words


Final Quarter:   30,900 / 37,500 words

So this month I didn’t write enough; yet I completed my annual challenge thanks to a fantastic second quarter.

– 150,263/150,000 –


General Lessons

I’d hoped that a year of tracking my words would yield fantastic patterns about how I can write efficiently. But mostly, I’ve enjoyed the colours, forced myself to write rubbish for an arbitrary wordcount goal, and by the end of the year, I had a stuttered beginning to my book because I hadn’t found the flow or found much joy in the process.

I chose not to complete NaNoWriMo this year, because I’d essentially been doing it for 5 months and I couldn’t face more forced writing. I hope that having a relaxed goal of two completed novels this year will allow me to push forward for a month without burning out.

Having said this, I also learned that I can push myself to aim for a wordcount goal, and seeing the coloured charts grow is a really positive motivator for me.

What did you learn and accomplish in 2014?

2 responses to “At Journey’s End: The Final Quarter and 2014 Writing Summary

  1. These are really impressive statistics – for what you accomplished and the simple fact that you put them together! Congratulations on all your writing progress and best of luck with your more relaxed goals this year!

    • Thanks Kate. I work well with clear goals and deadlines, so without putting them together as I went I wouldn’t have been motivated to reach the wordcount. Good luck with your editing.

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