2014 Update: The Third Quarter

See the updates on the first and second quarters for previous data.

The Third Quarter in Statistics:

Words Written:                       ~23,500

Overall Words Written:       ~118,950

Pieces of WIP:                           Short 1, Short 2, Planes Shifter, Resilience, Kindling, TFG.

Days written:                             82/92

Days I Wrote the Most:         Sundays, with equal number of Saturdays and Mondays added in.


Nine Months In

In the first quarter, I discovered how tricky it was to manage a daily writing habit. Somehow, in the second quarter, I surpassed my goal by miles, writing every day for three months, and beating the 37.5k aim by over 30,000 words.

Then, this quarter, things slumped again. Some of this is down to moving house, and some due to the projects I’m working on. Still, this was a slight disappointment.

With only three months left to meet my goals, and a new project (I begin my NaNoWriMo project early where possible) in progress; I’m aiming for 31k in these final months to reach my yearly wordcount goal. In fact, with 70k still to write on that project, and the boost of National Novel Writing Month, I may even reach for my secondary goal; requiring 81k by December 31st. But we’ll have to see how things pan out.


Pretty Graphs


First Quarter:   27,859 / 37,500 words


Second Quarter:   67,849 / 37,500 words


Third Quarter:   23,503 / 37,500 words

So this month I didn’t write enough; yet I’m still on track to complete my minimum year’s wordcount of 150,000

– 119,211/112,500 –


Tracking Spreadsheets

I blogged back in April about having two spreadsheets. One that makes pretty graphs and helps me compare my writing to a daily and monthly goal, and a second which helps me track how many words I wrote specifically on each project. I’ll save the final data from these for the final update post.

So here’s to the last quarter; where hopefully I’ll make up my goals, complete this draft and learn some more as I go.

Goal for Quarter 4:  37,500

Goal to End of Year: 150,000

Words Remaining: 30,789

6 responses to “2014 Update: The Third Quarter

  1. I’ve seen a change in my writing as well; still trying to recover from all the life-related lows, but starting to pick up the pace again. Mondays are good days for me as well :). The charts are a lovely way to track. I have a desk calendar that I use to mark days when I write and a spreadsheet for word goals when I’m working on a new project.

    • I was surprised that Mondays slightly beat Saturdays, to be honest. I like the idea of a calendar on the desk to ‘mark off’ days you wrote; sounds a little like a reward chart. =)

    • Remember that everyone’s different. Right now I’m plotting the next scene, then I do 5 minute sprints, which is usually 130-180 words. Do two of them an hour (everytime there’s a tea break/toilet break/i’m on the phone on hold at work I can throw in 3 mins of words on my tablet) and when stuck, throw in an argument [I tend to forget about dialogue in first drafts]

      But mostly, set a goal that pushes you, and once you have done a few days in a row, it’s a ‘waste’ of those days to break the chain =)

      • I was JUST thinking about starting up my daily “Word Count” posts again… Maybe setting a smaller goal this time. (Even though 500 feels minuscule, I may pare it down to 250 a day.)

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