Guest Post: The Write Chain Challenge

Write Chain ChallengeAt the beginning of 2014, I signed up for the Write Chain Challenge. The idea is that you commit to a daily goal, and each day you meet that goal, you get another link in your chain.

I’d never committed to a daily practise before, which made it a tricky goal to keep. My attempts were very much a stop-start action until March, when I re-started for the 4th or 5th time; and somehow, I reached 10 days.

That was enough for me to keep going. The thought of losing 10 links in my chain was too much.

Today I’m guest posting about keeping goals flexible, making sure the goal serves you, and how to maintain the chain of success. 


Head over to Writerology.Net to find out what I learned from creating my 90-day Write Chains.

Edit, as of October 2014: 


All goals only count new words.

Latest Goal
— 55 (editing) or 286 (writing)
100 links (37 links for over 286 words)
Previous Goal
— 429 (writing)
90 links


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