Two Weeks (and an Owl)

Katy24OwlTwo weeks tomorrow, I move home.

For the next few weeks, blog posts will be a little shorter, and I may miss out my Thursday posts until I’m sorted. I’m only moving 70-miles, but I’ll be moving things into a building where OH will already be living/working, and although my job is officially the same, I’ll be starting new projects and working in an entirely new area. As my job involves driving cross-county and having local knowledge of schools and services, it will definitely be a transition.

For my birthday, we went to the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover, picking a rainy day which allowed us some really close experiences like holding owls and flying harris hawks due to minimal queues. I also received an anonymous envelope containing three bars of chocolate (which I would really like to know the sender of so I can thank them).

Saturday, my mum and I are trying to move as much as we can in two cars, and anything else will just have to fit on moving day.

Then FantasyCon begins Thursday (when I travel up to York) until Monday, and then it’s a day up in London for my Mental health job. Then Friday, I move.

Busy times. 

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