Weekend WIP #6: Switching Projects

weekend 002As I mentioned last week, I’ve put Planes Shifter on hold, and picked up Kindling instead.

Kindling (KFTF for acronym purposes, since K is a bit short) was my NaNoWriMo project last November; mostly because I wanted to write an urban fantasy. When seeking a story to tell in the urban environment I knew best (Brighton), I turned to the myths I’d grown up with.

My favourite books as a young reader followed tales of wolf-gods Tor and Fenris, and the stories surrounding Amazon tribes involvement in the Trojan War. Something about the characters of myth just have an ethereal quality that includes magic as part of their mundane.

So, I picked a few characters from Norse myth, and deliberately chose a ‘story’ I didn’t know very well. From my limited research, the entire basis of my information about Raganarok comes from ten stanzas of two sources (Poetic Edda and Prose Edda)– which leaves me a lot of lee-way to create a 100k story, melded to a modern-day setting, and my own (somewhat) mortal main character.

Considering this was a fairly unplanned NaNo project, I’ve jumped back into it and already proof-read the first chapter, which was surprisingly well-written. The world is a little shaky, but the characterisation of the two people currently introduced are fairly solid for a first draft.

The plan is to edit/expand on the 32k currently present, and to edit the plot-list out as I go through. This should give me a good basis of the overall story, which I can then use to identify subplots and understand what the magic system needs to cover. And while I go through it, I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything that needs be improved/changed, based on some of my ‘get-better-at-writing’ books.

The current aim is a minimum of 55 words a day, since this run-through is technically an edit; but I need to add another 50-60k, so fingers crossed I can reach a few hundred words most days.

How do you approach a partially-completed project?

4 responses to “Weekend WIP #6: Switching Projects

  1. I always find it really difficult to jump back into a project but that’s mainly due to my impatience to get right back into it again. The first thing I always do is read through it and then map out the chapters/scenes and other events that occur chronologically in excel. I then shift stuff around and build upon things – so basically what you’re going to be doing. One of my rules is to never edit any of the writing, no matter how bad, but to work around it all – if I start editing I’ll never stop.

    Good luck with it all! Sounds awfully exciting!


    • Thanks for commenting.
      Beginnings are my best/favourite parts, and thus, I love reading and re-writing them. I can jump into projects easily, although that means I lose stamina fairly early on and get bored of the rest.
      Yes, I’m essentially mapping it out in order to move scenes and build around them, although I’m editing it as I go [currently only on a grammatical/make-sense level. But I have a rule of getting it “readable for a first draft” and then move forward – I can only read/edit it once through, which (fingers crossed) will keep me from editing chapter one forever!.
      Essentially, I’m planning to use what I have as a skeleton plot, and add to it if it feels right, else skip it until I reach the end [since I wrote scenes throughout including the ending]. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

  2. A while back I jumped back into an old novel, Shadows Fall I believe is the current title. It was, like yours, a NaNoWriMo novel.

    I started out by printing what I had so far (it was quite a bit printed out, but I like hard copies). Then I wrote down the scenes I had, and changes I wanted to make. Then I continued on what happened AFTER what was already written. Sadly, that’s when I put it aside again and started my most recent writing drought.

    For now it’s still sitting on the sidelines while I plot out Blame the Moon. But that’s because I get flighty with ideas. Even ideas that I’m in love with.

    • If I had more of this one written, I’d probably print it and do a read-through first, but so little of the story is actually typed out, and it was less than a year ago, so I feel I still very much remember the ideas, and yet don’t have the actual plot sorted yet.

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