On Not Being Ready (to Fix my Broken Book)

mhlonamoon 002I was tempted to wait until the WIP Weekend post for this update, but I already have a topic covered for that, and didn’t have a Thursday post prepared — so here goes.

I began writing Planes Shifter (originally named Wings of Skell) in January of 2012.

It’s now August 2014, and as of today, I think I’m officially putting it in the drawer. As in, for longer than a month.

After many re-writes and re-plots, four beta readers, two full print-outs and one sequel later, I think I’m at a point where I recognise I don’t yet have the ability/skill/understanding to fix the problems with this book. I can only vaguely work out what’s wrong with it, and throughout my attempts to edit, the story ends up shifting so much it’s essentially a new book with the same characters. Even the world and magic systems change.

Thus, I think I’m going to stop the ‘editing’ process, (at 26,810 words proof-read out of 89,615) 30% into the proof-read, vague copy-edit. I still love the story, and feel it will be a decent book one day — the potential is definitely there. However, my editing skills are not in line with my writing skills, nor my “telling-what’s-wrong-with-it” skills.

Thus, for now, PS is officially trunked for a few months; which I’m trying to see as an opportunity to work on some of the other on-hold stories in my drawer.

Have you ever stopped working on a project after a long stint of work?

2 responses to “On Not Being Ready (to Fix my Broken Book)

  1. What a brave decision. It must be difficult to recognise your own limitations and admit that you just aren’t ready, but I admire you for doing so.
    Good luck working on those editing skills. Hopefully after a few months and plenty of practice you’ll come back to it with fresher, more experienced eyes and see a way through.

    • Thanks for the comment — I thought of you while posting, and about the options we suggested about counting it as ‘learning’ not a project — but found I couldn’t see my own project that way!
      It’s been a “should-I-stop?” for about 3 months, so it wasn’t a quick decision…
      Fingers crossed in 6 months I’ll be in a better state for it.

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