Weekend WIP #5: Plotting Meets Setting

lon14 008Today’s my mum’s birthday (hi, mum) and so I’ve been at my parent’s house this weekend. We went to London yesterday to celebrate, with dad and O.H. Since O.H. was coming over to join us for the trip, he also brought me…. my KEY for the new flat.

NewFlatKeysFor our new flat. Yes, after seven years we’re finally moving in together — he’s moved in and I’ve now got my key to begin moving my stuff across to the new place. It’s all very exciting.

Writing-wise, I’m still editing. I did a bit of research into PitchWars, but know my novel isn’t quite ready. If submissions had been open until September, I’d be fine; but as it stands, 8 days time will not bring about the completion of my edits.

I’m seven chapters in, and so far, the required tweaks are pretty small. Once I’ve done the read-through, and then the small tweaks, it’ll go over to beta-reads and then hopefully a final edit before I begin the submission process.

Having said that, I’ve also been plotting TFG. One of the main blocks has been in my setting.

A majority of the book takes place between two cities; which I need to be field/forest type of landscape. Rather than have urban-rural-urban settings, because I need a free flow and for some of the natural things to happen within the cities; I moved forward to have a hobbit-like village as my ‘cities’ — a built-into-forest/hills/mountain buildings with modern day technology. As of right now, that doesn’t quite meet the needs of my plot, so it’s still a work in progress.

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