Recognising Knowledge

lughnasadh14 033Although I’ve been blogging since 2006 (in one form or other), I often feel that I have very little to write about.

Considering that I’ve been reading books and blogs about writing, attended panels at writing conferences, watched interviews/talks/lessons online, and writing novels since 2009; it occurred to me that that’s kind of odd. I should probably feel that I have things to say outside of “here’s what I’m doing”.

I love being asked questions about writing and answering them, which could all be blog posts. Similarly, I have a set of draft titles because I’ve thought of topics I want to talk about, such as “How multitasking my skill levelling in Skyrim is like writing a scene” and “Vikings and Etymology”.

A while back, I saw a tweet asking for advice on how to choose between projects. You can see the blog post that I’m quoted in about that, here. That got me thinking about how much knowledge I probably have, and how although all my knowledge is fairly accessible elsewhere — it’s taken me years to really understand and apply it — just because I’ve read and watched so much advice doesn’t mean others automatically know it. Turns out I actually have a large collective of knowledge, integrated into my own experiences, which is what led me to make this blog at all.

So here’s a Call To Action

— Especially since the next month is crazy (birthday, family events, moving house, changing job location)  —

What questions do you have about writing, reading, the English language, fiction or story-telling? 


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